Garage & Barn Projects

Red Fabral steel sided post framed barn.

Shown Above: Fabral steel sided post framed pole barn.

Finding enough room to store your effects becomes more of a concern every day. As your life evolves and your family or business grows you need more space and storage. We offer a number of solutions to your storage problems. Each of our stores offers packages for both garages and mini storage barns or sheds. Our common package projects are:

  • 8’ x 8’ Storage Mini Barn
  • 8’ x 12’Storage Mini Barn
  • 24’ x 24’ Garage
  • 24’ x 28’ Garage
  • 24’ x 30’ Garage
  • 24’ x 32’ Garage

Each package comes with all of the framing, sheeting, and prefabricated trusses needed to build the core structure (package materials are not precut). They also have all the parts and materials for siding and roofing. Included in each storage mini barn is enough material to create a door along with trim, hinges, and catch for it. The garage packages each come with a 36” steel entry door, a 24” x 36” vinyl window and a 16’ x 7’ white painted steel garage door. Our packages even include all of the hardware and fasteners that are required for assembly.

We understand that not every problem and be fixed with a prepackaged solution. Our sales specialists can work with you to create a custom solution for whatever your storage problem may be. Need a 30’ x 40’ garage with 10 walls and an overhead roll up door? We can estimate it, quote it, and deliver it! We also offer custom build pole buildings. These pole buildings can be estimated up to nearly any size you could need, just let us know how much space you have to use and we will find the perfect solution for you!