Product Departments

R.P. Lumber sells a large variety of products from many different departments. Here you can find out more about which products we carry in each of our departments. Also you will be able to find some of the brands that we carry within those departments. This list isn’t intended to be all inclusive and if a product for brand is not listed, that does not mean that we do not stock or have access to it. Contact your local store or our corporate office if you have any questions regarding our products and what we sell.



Micropro MCA treated deck

Shown above: MicroPro MCA treated decking.

Decking materials and accessories are one of our specialties here at R.P. Lumber. We have designers on staff who can help design and layout your own personal dream deck. Whether you want a nice back porch with a view, a simple deck surrounding your pool, or a multi-tiered deck that uses curved composite deck boards, we can help with everything you need.

All of our locations carry a full line of MCA treated lumber in 8 through 16 foot (with some carrying up to 20 foot lengths). In addition to this, many locations carry both smooth and rough sawn cedar. A number of our stores stock composite decking and vinyl handrail as well. We can also custom order many varieties of wood, composite, or even vinyl decking and accessories.

We offer these core decking components along with a full line of accessories and fasteners to make us a one stop shop for your new deck. Stop by today and have one of our deck experts discuss a personalized solution for you. Check out our Decking Projects page for more information on brands and ideas for your new deck.


Drywall stocked throughout a new construction project.

Let us stock your next drywall project, it saves time and money!

We not only offer a comprehensive line of drywall but we also offer stocking services that most of our competitors simply cannot match. We carry large quantities of all of our drywall styles on hand to insure we can meet your project’s demands.

Each of our stores carries a number of different styles of drywall and they all have regular ½” drywall. Most of these stores carry the lighter weight standard ½” drywall (up to 30% lighter than conventional regular drywall). In addition to our ½” drywall we carry 1/4”, 3/8”, and 5/8” drywall. Our 5/8” drywall is a fire code drywall and great for your ceilings and barrier walls. Our ½” drywall also come in moisture resistant, mold resistant, or plastic ready versions.

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in terms of delivering drywall to our customers. We offer special cash and carry pricing for drywall for those interested in visiting us and leaving with the product. We also offer a curb side delivery option where we drop the units of drywall on-site. Finally we offer to stock drywall for your projects. Whether your project is in a basement, on a third story, or anywhere else we will scatter drywall as per your request through your structure. This saves time and labor costs for you and is a service that we offer specifically for our customers. Call today for a quote on your next drywall project and ask about our delivery options!


Cutler Hammer circuit breaker load center.

Cutler Hammer circuit breaker load center.

We carry electrical services and supplies for most residential applications. If you are starting to wire your home with receptacles and switches or running a new service entrance to a residence, most of our stores stock the items you need to complete the job.

Our circuit breaker panels come in 100 amp and 200 am variations with varying amperage breakers to suit your projects requirements. We stock a number of different gauges of residential wire to accommodate whatever amperage circuit you will be running. Combining these with our line of lighting products allows us to service all of your residential electrical needs.


A new residential home framed and sheeted

Shown above: Residential new home framed and sheeted.

What lumber yard wouldn’t be complete without a full line of framing lumber? We offer not only a great selection of products for all of your framing construction needs but we have the best quality lumber. We realize that trying to build with lumber that has too much bark, is too crooked, or only has two sides, can add frustration to your project and cost you valuable time. To solve this problem we have decided to carry a select grade of SPF 2 x 4’s and 2 x 6’s. This select grade is picked by the lumber mills as the best product they have, far better than our competitor’s #2’s and better or stud quality.

Staying true to our best quality stance on lumber all of our 2 x 8’s, 2 x 10’s, and 2 x 12’s are #1 structural grade yellow pine. These boards make great headers, joist, rafters, beams, or anything else that you would need them for. All of our 2 x 4’s, 2 x 6’s, 2 x 8’s, 2 x 10’s, and 2 x 12’s are available in lengths up to 20 foot.

Our sheeting goods are also of the best quality and price available. We carry only name brand OSB and our ½” CDX plywood is 4-ply, a step above competitor’s 3-ply. Our locations stock full ranges of thicknesses on all sheeting goods and most carry multiple grades for each thickness. Plywoods are available in CDX grades, AC grades, as well as oak and birch cabinet grades.

Finally no framing can be done without proper fasteners and accessories. We proudly offer pneumatic fasteners to fit most types of tools as well has extremely competitively prices hand fasteners. Each store also carries a full line of galvanized hangers and brackets. If you have a construction project coming up soon, come by and have us give you a free estimate.

Kitchen & Bath

Merillat oak cabinets

Shown above: Merillat oak kitchen cabinets with island.

Whether you are reinventing your kitchen or bath or furnishing a new home we have a vast selection of products to meet all of your needs. Our in house cabinet designers use the latest software to develop a customized solution for your unique application. We can provide 3D representations of what your future cabinets and room will look like before you even purchase the materials. With each custom package we include floor plans showing you exactly where each cabinet should be installed.

We offer all of these services and more at no cost to you. Our designers will schedule a time to come and visit you on-site to take measurements and discuss actual layout with you. When your cabinets arrive at our store we work with you to help determine when to deliver the cabinets to you.

To compliment your cabinets we sell a wide range of counter tops. If you are looking for a laminate post form, granite, solid surface, or even quartz counter top we off them all and more. To insure your custom build counter top will fit perfectly we have services available that will take on-site counter top templates.

Aside from cabinets and counter tops we offer a full line of faucets and fixtures for your new kitchen or bath. Stop in today and see about a free estimate on your new kitchen or bath!

Millwork (Windows, Doors, & Trim)

Andersen wood jamb bay window.

Shown above: Andersen wood jamb bay window.

Millwork adds those final touches that really make homes unique. Whether you are looking for doors, windows, trim, or any other millwork for your home we have it. We offer in stock steel entry doors and vinyl windows. If you are looking for something with more customization options like fiberglass exterior doors or wood jamb windows, we can order anything you need.

When it is time to add those final touches we also offer numerous trim options. All of our stores stock unfinished pine moldings in several profiles to suit all applications. Many stores also carry synthetic prefinished trim and moldings for interior use. Our large selection of finish grade ‘1x’ boards also make great trim. When it is time to put these personal touches onto your project stop by and let us show you our selection of classy and stylish options.

Paint & Stain

Our interior paints are great for ceilings or walls.

Our paints allow you to customize the look of your project.

Finished with the primary construction and ready to move on to finishing? We can help with that. Our stores carry a full line of interior and exterior paints that can be tinted to custom colors of your choice to help give your project that personal touch. We also carry all of the paint brushes, roller, drop cloths, caulks, and other accessories you will need to put the final touches on your project.

If you need to protect your exterior wood project, we have you covered there. We carry fully transparent, semitransparent, and solid forms of deck stain and protector in both one gallon and five gallon buckets. We understand the hard work you put into your projects and provide what you need to protect them.


Sterling stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink.

Shown above: Sterling stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink.

Plumbing is one of those aspects of construction where having every part you need to finish a project typically involves a multitude of trips to the store. We like to be able to provide you with a large enough selection of plumbing parts and accessories to insure that we can be your store of choice.

Our stores carry a full range of plastic and copper supply line plumbing along with plastic drainage systems. We also carry a variety of compression and quick fix type fittings to help simplify and expedite your plumbing projects.

Each location also carries a healthy selection for both kitchen and bathroom faucets. Whether sinks or tubs, single handle or double handle, we have stock styles for all projects. We also carry porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylic fixtures for your bathroom construction demands. Whether you have questions and need help designing your plumbing system for your new project or just need a place to find the part you need, R.P. Lumber can help you out.


Owens corning TruDefinition Duration Brownwood asphalt shingles.

Shown above: Owens corning TruDefinition Duration Brownwood architectural asphalt shingles.

Roofing is something that we specialize in. We understand that replacing your roof or shingling your new home is not something that everyone does very often. Our staff is trained to help you pick out the correct roofing products for your needs and we provide free roofing estimates at your request.

We pride ourselves on our large selection of roofing products that spans multiple brands. Each brand that we carry is available in numerous colors and styles. Our yards keep large quantities of shingles on hand to insure we have what you need when you need it.

In order to provide you with the best possible service for your roofing needs we offer several different delivery options. Many of our locations can delivery roofing products using a laddervator (a conveyor that will lift product up to the roof one item at a time). Another option we offer is boom delivery of shingles. Additionally many of our stores offer to stock shingles to your roof. Whatever your roofing needs are we not only can help but will provide the best service in doing so, stop by today for your free estimate or to order materials!


Our premium name brand siding gives you that modern exterior finished look.

Shown above: Certainteed American Legend vinyl siding.

The siding of a home can make or break its visual appeal. We carry premium grade vinyl siding in stock in a multitude of colors to accentuate your home. The siding comes in both a double 4” clapboard style and a double 4-1/2” dutchlap style. Along with the siding we have a full line of accessories including:

  • J-channel
  • Finish trim
  • Outside corners
  • Inside corners
  • Vinyl (and aluminum) starter strip
  • Mounting blocks
  • Gable vents

If you are looking for a custom style vinyl siding like a cedar shake style or even something like Hardie siding we can order that for you as well. We have access to a huge selection of aluminum, steel, vinyl, Hardie, and wooden siding styles for you to choose from. We also stock aluminum soffit, fascia, and accessories at all of our locations to help you put the finishing touches on your siding project.

If you are just getting started on your siding project we also carry a couple different types of house wrap along with fan fold backer to help you insulation your house and make the siding easier to install. Stop by today and let one of our knowlegable staff give you a custom quote on siding for your home.


The DeWalt cordless drill makes life easier with its portability.

Shown above: DeWalt cordless drill being used to drill for electrical wires.

Each of our stores carries full lines of both power and hand tools. Whether you are looking for a professional grade pneumatic framing nail gun or an everyday hammer, we have it. They always say there is nothing like using the ‘right tool for the right job’ and our selection of hand tools should help you find that ‘right tool’.

We carry pneumatic tools for many purposes. Our stores have pneumatic framing nailers, finish nailers, roofing nailers, and staplers to help you complete your project. If you are looking for a professional quality cordless power tool, we have those too. Our cordless line include a number of drills and saws. We also have powerful corded grinders, saws, sanders, and drills. We keep a large selection of tools so you can find what you need when you need it.